We provide premium cleaning services that guarantee a more sanitary and improved workspace for your employees, residents, and visitors.


At Mulaverse, we specialise in Commercial Cleaning Services, showcasing expertise in areas such as office and industrial cleaning. We take pride in our excellent working standards, committed to ensuring your site consistently maintains its optimal appearance.

Our solutions go beyond cleanliness; they contribute to creating a hygenic working environment for your employees’ health and well-being.

Mulaverse goes the extra mile, surpassing expectations in services ranging from waste management to window cleaning and the procurement of cleaning supplies. With each service, we strive to exceed expectations and guarantee customer satisfaction consistently.

High End: End of Tenancy Cleaning – Deep Cleans

We provide specialised cleaning services for industries, factories, warehouses, and food premises with expertise across diverse sectors. Our track record includes successful implementation of specialised solutions in challenging environments, pertaining to confined spaces and elevated workspaces.

Environment Cleans

Drain blockages can result from factors like improper disposal of oils, leaf accumulation, or more serious issues such as subsidence, root intrusion, or corrosion. Regardless of the cause, we are dedicated to resolving drainage issues and restoring optimal flow and functionality promptly.

Contract Cleaning

Our customised cleaning services, ranging from routine weekly cleans to full janitorial services are designed to meet your site-specific needs and enhance your premises’ image. We collaborate with suppliers to improve quality and hygiene by selecting the right cleaning products, techniques and equipment. Our service packages also include sanitary consumables and caretaking solutions.